Job Change Quest Line

Once you achieve level 15 you will receive a new solo quest to which you fight alongside 3 class NPC/APC's. In this map you will fight hordes of soldiers followed by multiple boss soldiers. Its easy to let the APC's do all the work actually.

After finishing this quest you will then have to go to the 1st map in Neo China on master mode. This can be partied but its pretty easy at ur current level to solo.

Next you get to choose which job class you want to change to. Here's a list of the available jobs by class below. Once you choose a quest it will then show you a portait of the job as well as the name in english as a final confirm.

Note: You can quit the quest so long as you don't complete and turn it in. After turning in the quest you can't go back so make sure you have chosen the right one.

Blade (블레이드)

Warlord (워로드) | Vagabond (배가본드)

Fist (피스트)

Collosus (콜로서스) | Striker (스트라이커)

Spirit (스피릿)

Elementalist (엘리멘탈리스트) | Nightmare (나이트메어) | Stormseeker (스톰시커)