EN Gauge

Instead of having to repair gear like in most games. You have to refill your EN gauge. It depletes while your in dungeons similar to how gear wears down. However, you get 10% increase on both attack and defense if you keep it in the green. Yellow will give no bonus and Red will be the same as if all your gear has broken and needs to be repaired. You can refill this gauge at any time and the cost of gold to do so is reasonable. Gauge is shown under your MP bar.

Fatigue System

As you do dungeons your fatigue will deplete (we tend to call it sta/stamina). Once you don't have any fatigue left you can't do anymore dungeons until restore time which is every day in the morning (Time TBA). 1 fatigue point is used per dungeon run. If you have some reserved you will then deplete this bar once your character's fatigue is done. Fatigue is shown at the bottom above your exp bar. Here's the following fatigue bars.

Note: When doing dungeons with someone your mentoring you can gain fatigue points.

-Character: 120
-PC방: 60
-Reserved: 180 (the remaining fatigue will carry over after restore time multiplied by 0.7)
-Account: 720


Solo Quests

If you get a popup when you accept a quest it means it must be solo'd and you cannot do the quest while being in a party.

Chatting Modes

Type one of the following commands followed by a space after it to change chat modes.

  • Normal: /n
  • Party: /p
  • Guild: /g
  • Reply to whisper: /r

Screenshot Translations (beta)

Press ESC to access.




Press J to access your journal (Quest log)


Shown when you right click on a player.


Press U to see your character's stats.