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Sorry for the delay… You have to type in 삭제확인 tkr-wp-ghkr-dls after you confirm you want to delete the character. After that it will be deleted. By the way what's your ign? Could use more people to play/chat with. ;p

Re: Deleting Character by ZephnaZephna, 16 Mar 2012 21:08

How do you delete your character?

Deleting Character by HinamoriHinamori, 14 Mar 2012 10:08

3-5-11 ~ CB Day 3
A hour before server was supposed to shut down they announced leaving the server open until CB ends yay! Also have 3x exp rate going on so leveling up is ALOT faster. YT playlist updated but will upload more today or tomorrow at latest.

  • In the main menu (ESC button) you can also access specific features immediately instead of having to go to the needed NPC. Such as: Mail,PVP,Upgrade,Decomposition,Auction Market, etc.
  • You get quests for your job's avatars at lv 30. Also nightmare got stormseeker avas for some reason. Mystics got fist avas O.o?

3-4-11 ~ CB Day 2

  • Confirmed: Using a coin resets hit counter
  • Note: cannot dismantle white named equipment
  • Can advance hack at any lv the wep has been upgraded.
  • Start off with 10 coins. restores xx? coins daily.
  • Quests show on map select if you have nioe for that map
  • Dungeons now have hidden buffs from destroying props.
  • Can leech unlocking harder modes from partys like dnf
  • Mentor system - similar to how dnf's works. more details in the future (possibly next beta…)
  • YT playlist updated

3-3-11 ~ CB1 Day 1
Managed to upload some vids and confirm a few things. Mages aka Spirits have changed and play differently now in terms of combos and setups etc. Also lv'd to lv 16 (though there were some ppl who were lv 20-23…lol).
You don't receive any SP (skill points) til lv 10 (however they do give you skills to use….).
Uploaded a bunch of vids to the T2 Youtube playlist which can be found here:

3-2-11 ~ Before CB1
So far we have info on what to expect in CB1:

  • Contains 4 towns and 16 dungeons.
    • Episode 1: 4 Dungeons are in the beginner town known as Shine Leaf Village. You can move onto the next town after level 13.
    • Episode 2: Traps are introduced in dungeons (like T1 was). Towns in this ep are Neo-China & Keumwa which consists of 6 dungeons. You level here from lv 14 to 29.
    • Episode 3: You will now be in the town known as Branchetuville. Which consists of 6 dungeons. You level here til level 40.
    • Infernal Gate: You can only enter here at level 40+. It's a very difficult dungeon that requires a party.
  • PVP System: Level 25 required (T1 was 14 so huge difference in change here…)
  • Controls are more responsive and less clunky
  • Level cap is 40
  • Fatigue System
  • Graphics have been modified from T1. They look lightly cell shaded now.
  • Gift Gear Machine - New feature which you can purchase special weapons and armor if you have enough CP for that particular item. CP will be earned via dungeons by completing scenarios of that particular dungeon.
  • Upgrading: Can upgrade equipment up to +10.
  • Decomposition: Can dismantle spare gear you don't intend to use to get items used for upgrading.
  • FOS: A new feature which you can only use at level 35+. It can be obtained from a quest and can strengthen your gear's effects and damage. FOS Crystals can be obtainted from dismantling gear.
Beta News by ZephnaZephna, 02 Mar 2011 14:19