You can dismantle cheat codes from rare equipment by buying and using an item sold in one shop of each town. They cost 1k gold. The results varies as sometimes you can only get 1 cheat code while other times you can get up 8 cheat codes. If you have some old rares you don't use anymore then this is a good way to get some kind of value back from them.

Hacking (Upgrading)

You can upgrade your gear and weapon by paying gold and cheat codes. The amount varies as the higher the level and type the more of these you will need. Weapons gets a percentage based increase in damage while armor gets a percentage based increase in HP. Also the fail rate is shown below the possible bonus increases. You can get equipment to +7 from hacking.

Advanced Hacking

Very similar to regular hacking but the item has to be +7 already. You will need higher grade cheat codes which can be gathered from mobs or from buying from others. The increase in bonuses is much higher per level than regular hacking but you have a high fail rate of getting your item reset; where your item will go back to 0.

Market(Auction House)

You can buy items and equipment from other players through the market. To get to the market, you need to have access to Central Gateway(Lv.14). Then proceed to go down tp the bottom of the map. Go to the right and enter the second room. Talk to one of the npcs there and now you can buy from the market. First tab is items currently on market, Second tab is items u have placed a bid on, and the Third tab is items/money you can receive if u bought/sold something on the market.


You can trade with players with a simple trading system. Also you have to confirm to accept w/e trade prior to completing it thus less worries of someone trying to rip you off.

Random Mission Encounters (Can be seen in dungeon vids.)

During a dungeon run you will randomly encounter a mission objective in a particular room. The typical objectives are, Defense (clear room without getting hit as many times as shown on the counter which counts down), Time (clear room within the amount time stated), Combo Hits (do a combo with said amount of hits required before clearing the room), etc. If you complete a mission you will be rewarded with some CP. CP is used for the Gift Gear Machine.

Gift Gear Machine

Another new feature introduced in T2 (which wasn't present in Trinity) is a form of lottery system. You need CP to pick which item section you would like and then you can start and stop the machine to receive an item. You always get an item tho whether or not it's not the particular one for the item you selected (see video below).